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Friday, December 30, 2011

Family hotel horror as ‘bed bugs’ ruins trip

By Andrew Burns, Dumfries Standard Friday

A FAMILY’S festive trip was “completely ruined” by a suspected pest outbreak in a Dumfries hotel.
Cheryl Reid made a 650 mile round trip on Boxing Day from Wales with her brother Niall and his daughter Summer to spend time with her elderly parents.
But their stay at the Travelodge on Annan Road was cut short after they were attacked by “bed bugs”.
And they were left without clothes and belongings because they had to be bagged for fumigation.
Miss Reid, 44, from Hawarden near Chester, said: “We decided to stay in a hotel because there is not enough space at my parents’ house and it turned into an utter disaster.
“What was meant to be a nice trip up to visit our family at Christmas has been completely ruined and has ended with almost all of our possessions in contamination bags and others in the bin.”
Miss Reid, who was staying in a room with her 11-year-old niece, realised something was wrong when her skin became irritated during the night.
She said: “I woke up around 1am and I couldn’t stop scratching and was so uncomfortable. I thought it could maybe have been allergies and decided to leave it until the morning.
“I spoke to the staff and was told that there had been a similar problems two years ago and that they would have to block off our room and bring in cleaners to fumigate.
“They offered us another room but we just wanted to get out of the hotel.”
Miss Reid, who works in the travel industry, added: “They did not deal with the situation properly and they left us completely stuck.
“They offered us a transfer to their hotel in Carlisle, over 30 miles away, but were unable to try and sort us out with another hotel in the town.
“It has completely ruined our trip and I think that their management of the situation has been pretty disgraceful.
“It has been very upsetting for us and our parents as we wanted to enjoy a quiet stay here but it has just been a disaster.”
The family claim they had to fork out £50 to have their belongings fumigated after they arrived home on Wednesday.
A Travelodge spokeswoman told the Standard that an investigation is under way and said that as a standard precautionary measure, the rooms either side and opposite the one with suspected bed bugs were also fumigated.
The spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that we are investigating a reported incident of bed bugs at Dumfries Travelodge.
“We take the health, safety and welfare of our customers very seriously and as a result we will be following the correct procedures to deal with this matter.
“We are in close liaison with Miss Reid and have refunded her stay.”