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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Residents at Stockton Apartment Still Living with Bed Bugs

     FOX40 News

Residents Sue Apartment Manager Over Bed Bugs

Living in a clean, bug-free home is something that everyone wants, and the California Rural Legal Association says everyone deserves.
Unfortunately, it’s not something that everyone has.
At Doyle Gardens in Stockton, both the city and county have cited the complex for bedbugs but still nothing has been done to help the people living the apartments.
Vicki Robinson lived there for 8 months, and she knows how horrible bed bugs can be.
"They are going to come out of the walls chew you up and then go back in the wall again,” says Vicki Robinson.
That is why the CRLA held a class to educate tenants about their rights. They say in this bad economy many renters are finding themselves in awful conditions.
"Tenants can't afford some of the nicer places and landlords can't also afford to make repairs so if the repairs go left undone then the tenants have to live in those conditions," says Kris Moore with CRLA.
Knowledge is power in situations like the bedbug problem at Doyle Gardens.
"I would have knew going through the door what my rights was it wouldn’t have took me so long,” said Robinson. “It would have saved me a lot of pain and anguish less doctor’s appointments."
Bedbugs aren’t the only problems tenants face, discrimination and other issues also plague facilities.
"Go to California Rural Legal. Don't give up the fight when you know you’re not right stand up for yourself," says Robinson.

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