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Friday, July 22, 2011

o man...

The number of bedbugs found in New York City's public schools TRIPLES in a year

Also from dailymail.co.uk -

Bedbugs, or cimicidae, are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood.
Reddish-brown, flattened, oval shaped and wingless, adult bed bugs grow to 4–5mm in length and 1.5–3mm wide.
To feed, the pests pierce the skin of their hosts with two hollow feeding tubes shaped like tongues.
With one tube it injects its saliva, which contains anticoagulants and anaesthetics, while with the other it sucks the blood of its host.
It takes between five to ten minutes for a bed bug to become completely engorged, after which it usually returns to its hiding place.
Bedbugs can cause a number of health effects including skin rashes and allergic symptoms. Worryingly, they have been found with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA.
The creatures were largely eradicated in the developed world in the early Forties, but since 1995 they have enjoyed an unwelcome resurgence, the reasons for which are unclear.
Elusive and usually nocturnal, bedbugs can be hard to spot. Aside from bite symptoms, signs include fecal spots, blood smears on sheets, and molts. They can be found singly, but often congregate once established.

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